We are committed to providing the highest quality of student support in all areas of curricular and co-curricular school life. The health and happiness of Belvedere children is a primary aim for the dedicated and experienced team of teachers and staff at the school. To that end, a strong team spirit is fostered, as is an appreciation that the entire Belvedere community is working towards a successful and rewarding experience for its students.

We understand the value of this support for the development, well-being and happiness of each individual pupil. We have an outstanding pastoral system with each student in the Senior School allocated to a tutor who takes a particular interest in their academic work and co-curricular involvement, while every pupil in the Preparatory School has a classroom teacher who plays the same role. Ongoing English language support is given until pupils are fully confident in their language skills.

Our Learning Support Department helps us to identify and support pupils with specific educational needs. Our aim is to give equal opportunities to all our students to allow them to reach their full potential.

Belvedere International School has a School Nurse who works throughout the school day on site, providing medical and first aid support to all pupils and delivering First Aid sessions to students as part of the curricular or co-curricular programme. In addition many members of staff are First Aid at Work trained.

Most importantly, the children are encouraged to look out for each other, and to let the staff know if they see another child who needs support.