At Belvedere International School – Al Ain, our outstanding team of teaching and support staff set each child on their journey to develop the skills of lifelong learning and enable all to realise their full potential.

We ensure our students are central to their learning and that they share in our high expectations of them.
We love to celebrate our children’s achievements.

Come and visit as soon as you can. We would love to show you around.

Senior Leadership Team


Mr. Gary Wright

Vice Principal

Mr. Dominic Vipond

Head of Pre-Prep (FS2)

Ms. Teresa Murray

Head of Preparatory School

Ms. Antonette Naidoo

Head of Arabic Department

Ms. Hala Fahmi

Academic Staff

Pre-Prep (FS2) Teachers
  • Ms. Teresa Murray, FS2
  • Ms. Deirdre Miskella FS2
  • Ms. Gemma Holden FS2
  • Ms. Aisha Arden FS2
Key Stage 1 Teachers
  • Ms. Sharon Strader, Year 1
  • Ms. Muna Hussein, Year 1
  • Ms. Nessa Fenton, Year 2
  • Ms. Jenna Rowe, Year 2
Key Stage 2 Teachers
  • . Aoife McHale, Year 3
  • Ms. Benjemi Barnard, Year 3
  • Ms. Donna McMullan, Year 4
  • Ms. Marie Murray, Year 4
  • Mr. Richard Gleeson, Year 5
  • Mr. Chrish Dhondee, Year 5
  • Ms. Antonette Naidoo, Year 6
  • Ms. Maryam Al Shamsi
Social Work Department
  • Ms. Fatima Al Kindi
Specialist Teachers
  • Ms. Hala Fahmi, Arabic Teacher
  • Mr. Ali Nemir, Arabic Teacher
  • Ms. Shazar Bittar, Arabic Teacher
  • Ms. Marwa Al Dahshan, Arabic Teacher
  • Ms. Najah Soliman, Arabic Teacher
  • Ms. Huoda Al Melhem, Islamic Studies
  • Ms. Asmaa Hamdy, Arabic and Social Studies Teacher
  • Ms. Noma Zaly, Mathematics Teacher
  • Ms. Leanne Woods, Science Teacher
  • Ms. Anna Malecka, Physical Education Teacher
  • Mr. Roger Daniels, Music Teacher
  • Mr. Essan Shaaban, ICT and STEM
  • Ms. Antonette Naidoo, Humanity Studies
Teaching Assistants
  • Ms. Carolyn Caburnay, FS2 Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Sana Tariq, FS2 Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Arcelyn Culala, FS2 Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Anna Managuelod, FS2 Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Girlie Managuelod, Year 1 Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Roxanne O Roberto, Year 1 Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Edylyn Butardo, Year 2 Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Jessica Hermogeno Bugago, Year 2 Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Neizyl Sumaylo, Year 3, 4 & 5 Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Arlyn Ortega, Year 3, 4 & 5 Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Abeer Abdullah, Year 6, 7 & 8 Teaching Assistant
  • Ms. Rashmi Mahesh, PA to Principal
  • Ms. Deema Saleh, Board Secretary
  • Ms. Shoruq Al Zubi, Admissions Officer
  • Ms. Naeema Al Gafry, Facilities Manager
  • Ms. Sarah Abu-Zaid, Human Resource
  • Ms. Hanadi Al Najjar, Receptionist
  • Mr. Mahmoud Mahmoud, Finance Officer
  • Mr. Ihab Eshbair, Public Relations Officer